About Frick

The Ben & Jerry litter

We choose to use Hunter’s Moonlight Flying Frick for this litter. Frick is a very nice male which we saw the first time at the Tollarspecialen in Sweden this summer. When we visited him in Germany in September we made the final decision.

Frick is trained for field work. At the moment he works in the novice class. We have no doubt that he will go further. He is a very nice dog with a nice temperament. He is happy, kind and has a very nice attitude.

Frick lives with Anwinita – a 1½ year older bitch. They are both really nice dogs with nice and harmonious temperament. When we visited with Vixen there were no problems that an unfamiliar bitch entered their domain.

Frick’s owners describe Frick as an intelligent, friendly, attentive and well working dog full of joy. He is fully concentrated when working and it seems impossible to distract him. He is very focused and works with enthusiasm. His speed and precision are some of his big features. His calmness and quietness makes him to a kind family dog. Even if he didn’t have these qualities I would still love him.

Frick’s breeder’s description of Frick (and his siblings): Frick is very calm and relaxed when at home. However, when it is time to work he shows his temperament and drive. He retrieves with speed – both going out and coming back. He is a natural marker and is very attentive towards his handler. He retrieves every kind of game and love to work at hunting. This litter – my Flying-litter – is one of my best litters. All eight puppies are working very good in field and working tests. The all retrieve spontaneously. They love to work with their handler. They work quietly and are – very importantly – healthy!


Vixen is an amazingly lovely dog which we are very happy to have in our family. She comes from a line of fantastic working dogs. Her dam, Bella, was the third to achieve the title “Swedish Toller Hunting Champion”. Furthermore, Bella is very successful on working and hunting tests in Sweden and Germany and she is used a lot for hunting. Her litter brother, Ares, is at the moment the highest awarded Toller male in Germany (field). He is only 2½ years and has already been qualified for the Elite class at Swedish hunting tests. Another litter brother, Silver, lives in Sweden and is at the moment working in open class. Her sister, Foxy - living in Norway - is a Norwegian Blood Tracking Champion.

Vixens sire, Foxgrove Maritime Skipper, was a Canadian male. He died in March 2014 at the age of 12 years. He has sired a lot of really nice pups doing well in field, obedience and agility. Skipper’s sibling, Raisin, is probably one of the successful dogs handled by her owner, Sue Kish.

I train Vixen for field in the Danish Retriever Club and she is clicker trained in DcH. She doesn’t have a lot of titles. However, she has passed a working test novice class. I have chosen to take it easy with Vixen to assure that we both mentally are able to cope. She is a very quick learner, very eager and works very steadily.

The pups will be ready to move to their new homes by the beginning of March 2015.

You can read more about Frick on this website: www.hunting-halona.de