About Chili

About Chili

Redreynard’s Chichi Cayenne

Chili is not only our first Toller; she is our first dog. So she has really had to beat the odds.

Luckily, she has developed into a great dog, and she will always be special to us.

Chili has primarily been trained in the Danish Retriever Club (DRK), but she and I have also tried our luck in DKK's obedience programme. She can call herself LP1 - that's as far as we got! This is  partly due to the fact that the obecience programme is not my favorite thing and partly that I was not able to find somewhere to get the proper training.

Chili does no longer compete in the Danish Retriever Club (DRK). This is exclusively due to her whining. Noise is a "no go" in DRK. I have started her on working tests (on dummies) and on C trials (unofficial trials on cold game). I have started her several times in open class. She has solved the tasks really well,  but she whines. The result has been third prizes and one time a discalification due to noise. She works really well and she could easily do well in open class if she were silent.

At home Chili is a dog that likes to be close to us and to interact with us. She loves to chill out on the couch. As much as she is on the ball when working, she is totally relaxed at home. She has always put up with whatever we have done to her or asked her to do. We often joke that  she is like plasticine in our hands. You can bend her over backwards without her resisting.

In 2012 she was diagnosed with spondylosis. She is pain-free and is not on any kind of medication. However, she does take longer to recover from training.